Getting ready for another big year

last year Home Video.. (click in Sept.)

The first thing you need to do is buy a bike, if you can afford one!

enjoy a
girl with
long hair
more than
one with
no clothes!
You be the
on this one..
I thought
she was the
nicest girl
we found
this year.

A few
to get
turned on

just needed
a ride!

08050056.jpg 08050061.jpg

These pictures are "clickable" and they will enlarge enough to print maybe 8x10.

This second one will not print well, we were not allowed permission from her fella!

08050079.jpg 08050080.jpg

The rest will come up larger, and print better.. (They were taken out in the public areas)!

08050082.jpg 08050083.jpg

Everyone on our crew normally gets verbal permission recorded on video before we broadcast any pictures,

but sometimes the pictures get mixed up during editing. Check my site often for the latest shots.

08060004.jpg 08060007.jpg

If you see a picture that needs deleted...Or you have changed your mind,

click on our "" email address and request that number be deleted.

08060008.jpg 08060012.jpg

Also request if you see a picture you want to enlarge at full size.

(the large pics are still shrunk down to only 100 K, full size is closer to 4,000 K)

08060014.jpg 08070030.jpg

We have always "served" these pictures for free in the past. (Many thousands now, since 1995)

This year I am asking for a small donation, (a dollar will do).

08080205.jpg 08080206.jpg

You will need to contact me with a "local ISP" address, hotmail and other "remote mail" servers have a 1 MB limit!

08080210.jpg 08080225.jpg

I can also build you your own web page with the picture served at the "hi-rez" size.. That will cost you $10

08080226.jpg 08080227.jpg

Many thanks to the girls in this bar for helping in the venture..

08080234.jpg 08080242.jpg

Also the Camel girls and others..

08080243.jpg 08080244.jpg

And a very special thank you to this girl, who always helps make this adult event all it can be!!

08080245.jpg 08080251.jpg

Every year Big Bad Bertha's Biker Bar is one of the highlights of the Rally

08080253.jpg 08080254.jpg

Sometimes men get jealous when the breast they are addicted to are already in use, most men never grow up entirely!!

08080255.jpg 08080259.jpg

I feel that is the main reason most men want a picture of a girl showing her breast to them

08080261.jpg 08090002.jpg

The fire dancers were also an enjoyable addition, rated # 1 entertainment!

08100091.jpg 08100093.jpg

And of course, the "nighttime" entertainment always brought on the picture-takers

08100094.jpg 08100100.jpg

A good cigar, something nice on the back.. What else could you ask for?? Well maybe some buns..

08100101.jpg 08100106.jpg

And of course, those "nursing" devices.. No rally would be complete without them!

08100107.jpg 08100110.jpg

I think this couple may have been the "most photographed" at this year's rally

08110009.jpg 08110012.jpg

Pasties and paint was allowed again this year, but the cold rain hampered the fun!


My choice was still the girl with the long hair!
We already have one "deleted" picture, please "bare" with us. Most girls are willing to supply that need for all those "boys" out there who need to remind them of their youth, but some have fellows who do not want to share.. I can't blame them!
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